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how to become nursing faculty

Nurse educators play a vital role in ensuring that the next generation of nurses is prepared to meet the growing demand for healthcare services. Nurse educators are also instrumental in shaping the future of the nursing profession, encouraging a focus on holistic patient care and illness prevention, as well as promoting community health. Right now there is a strong need for educators — 83 percent of nursing programs sought to hire new faculty in 2015. Nurse educators serve an important role within the hospital system. Having professional nurses who are trained to deliver information to other nurses, who understand their challenges and how to convey critical and lifesaving knowledge is essential to a hospital’s success. A nurse educator can help mitigate mistakes, streamline processes, shorten new hire ramp time and identify opportunities to improve processes and mitigate risks to the patient, nurse and hospital. In 2008, the Institute of Medicine released a report recommending that 80 percent of the registered nurse (RN) workforce have a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) by 2020, causing many hospitals to reevaluate their criteria for hiring new nurses. Additionally, hospitals aspiring to Magnet status are likely to hire more BSN-prepared nurses, due to better expected patient outcomes. That’s why many hospitals are looking to work with educational institutions such as Herzing University clinical nursing instructor jobs to meet the rising demand of BSN degrees, such as through an online RN-BSN program.

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